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The orcas of D-Pod include a distinctive male with a large, forward-sweeping dorsal fin and a female with a distinctive gash or slice on the back of the dorsal. We have received photos by Wouter Jan Strietman taken in 2001 off Bonavista and we have seen photos of the same animals off Twillingate from July 1999. We have a photo of the D-Pod male from St. Lewis, Labrador in October 2002 on this site and Mark Tsang of Wildland Tours photographed the same individual off Point Amour, Labrador in September 2003. Mark's photos were quite distant but there was no mistaking the D-Pod male. In 2005, Paul Alcock of Northland Discovery Tours in St. Anthony took a series of photos that show the same distinctive male and female are still associated with one another. This represents the first real evidence that orcas off Newfoundland and Labrador stay in stable groups like the better-studied individuals found in other parts of the world.



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