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Encounters September 8, 2005

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The large male orca of B-Pod has been photographed off Battle harbour in September 2004, off St. Anthony (in an undated photo by Claudio Corbelli in Wayne Ledwell's Whales and Dolphins of Newfoundland and Labrador book), and in July 2004 off Hopeall, Trinity Bay.

Unless otherwise noted, the photos here are by Liz Jellie, Arlene Erven, Margaret Elliott, David Snow or Kim Stevenson and were all collected during the 2004 Wildland Tours' Northern Whale Study Expedition. Six orcas including a calf were noted in the pod but most of the photographs are of the male, the female and two juveniles. A second group of orcas was also in the region but the study team was unable to get close enough to collect any photos. Should researchers be interested, we have additional photos of these four orcas.

We also observed them eating herring and seabirds (the adult female swam through a group of six razor billed auks eating four of them).

In 2006, members of B-Pod were photographed off the French Island of St. Pierre, off Newfoundland's south coast (April 2006), off St. Anthony (July 2006), and off Battle Harbour (September 2006).


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